Emma Hollywell

Senior Practitioner

“I value the distinctiveness of each of my clients and am passionate about enabling them to create transformative change in their lives.”

Expert In: Leaders & Organisations
Compassionate, Explorative & Supportive


Emma started her career as a marketing account director in a fast-paced print media firm and witnessed first-hand the impact stress can have on wellbeing in the workplace. She realised a passion in this area and pivoted careers to become a Chartered Psychologist. Emma completed her doctoral thesis on Compassion in the NHS and interviewed NHS nurses and patients to understand the dynamics of care and what helps nurses to excel in the workplace. Over the years she has worked with many clients supporting them to make positive changes in their lives, for example overcoming stress and anxiety. Emma is also a qualified yoga teacher and is passionate about the link between mind and body and supporting people to think about their mental and physical wellbeing holistically.

“At the core of this is a focus on building a deep trusting relationship where clients can open up and make new connections for themselves.”

Emma Hollywell – Senior Practitioner

During her time working in the City of London (Bank) her work evolved to include many professional executives who have used her approach to enhance their personal growth as well as their professional development and leadership skills. Emma has also supported clients working in the arts and entertainment industry to manage their success and continue to foster their creativity alongside the challenges notoriety can present. Prior to this, Emma worked in the NHS as a specialist Psychologist supporting clients with complex trauma and enduring mental health needs.

Emma balances a warm and compassionate approach with a style that facilitates deep exploration and challenge. Her honest and friendly style is pragmatic and supportive, and she enjoys holding space for clients to grow and learn through connection. As a scientist and practitioner Emma integrates her knowledge of human psychology with the Complete philosophy to support the development of leaders and teams. She aims to create collaborative experiences that reflect each client’s distinctiveness.

Emma has a BSc in Psychology with honours and a Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. In addition to her clinical practice, for the past 5 years Emma has also been a faculty member at City, University of London lecturing on undergraduate and postgraduate Psychology courses and supervising research for Counselling Psychology doctoral students.

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